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Bitcoin casino Canada has become more and more popular over the years and now even other cryptocurrencies have gotten their way into the gambling business. Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Etherum have no worked their way into the casino world. Exciting times. Here at Best-Casino©, you will find several different bitcoin casino Canada you can choose to play with either bitcoins or other currencies. We have only selected the greatest bitcoin casinos in Canada because of we all for quality, security and great game selections. Bitcoin is the virtual currency where all deposits and withdrawals are free and fast. Lower costs mean higher re-payment rate. You can even get free spins, sounds good right?

Mike Donovan
10/22 2018
3/26 2019

Bitcoin Casino online Canada - Games

A significant advantage for us who use bitcoin is all transactions are free of charge. If we make a payment via credit card like VISA or Mastercard, there is almost always a charge. Sometimes, for example, the bitcoin casino Canada stands for that cost, sometimes we get players themselves to pay the transaction fee. Similarly, it works when we use Neteller, Skrill, and PayPal. If we want to pay with bitcoins, its sent via so-called bitcoin addresses. A bitcoin address is a form of a code of between 27 and 34 characters. The transactions are instantaneous since no manual bank has to allow the transfer. There are many reasons why Bitcoin casino Canada is growing ever more prominent. In the gambling industry, we will soon see an explosion of bitcoin online games. The main reason we have already mentioned. Bitcoin is free to use, something that the online casinos love. A bitcoin deposit is open in the same way that a bitcoin withdrawal is free. Instead of wasting money on transaction fees, the casino sites will be able to offer bigger casino bonuses and better deals to their customers.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is usually shortened BTC and is a digital currency used online. Already in 2009, it started ti circulate in some circles of the US, but it was only in 2011 that the public could start buying bitcoins. Unlike traditional currencies such as Canadian dollars, US dollar, Euro or Pound, no central bank regulates the market or sets a value on a bitcoin. Bitcoin is traded between people and the price, therefore, fluctuates much more than regular currency. Today, bitcoin is used in thousands of different contexts every day. Even though the currency faced a lot of criticism, its popularity among its users has only increased. The ultimate proof came when the company Dell Computers allowed customers to pay with bitcoin. After that, other famous companies like eBay, PayPal, Overstock and Virgin Galatic followed.

Advantages of Bitcoin Casino Canada

We can already see this by looking at the repayment rate. The casinos that are bitcoin casino are at the peak when it comes to handing out profits to their customers. Using bitcoin for online gambling opens lots of doors. Bitcoin is not owned by any government and therefore cannot be frozen as assets can be made in other currencies. For those of us who live in Canada, this may play a minor role. However, if we want to trade in the US or play on a market that is otherwise regulated, Bitcoin casino Canada makes this possible.

Bitcoin means freedom and control over your money. If you own a bitcoin, you own a bitcoin; no one can take it away from you. Besides this, you are anonymous when you play, which means that you can play anywhere and you pay no taxes for your winnings. At a bitcoin casino Canada, you do not need to provide a name or Social Security number. All you need to give out is your email address, a username and any password you want. Everything goes lightning fast!

Two types of bitcoin casino Canada

Bitcoin casino Canada is growing and more and more users are beginning to see its benefits. Nevertheless, bitcoin's turnover is only a fraction of traditional currencies so far. VISA and Mastercard are still by far the biggest. Online there are different types of casinos. We will quickly look at how these differ.

Bitcoin casino Canada

The first type of sites is bitcoin casino that only offers games with Bitcoin. That is, they take bitcoin only as currency. There may undoubtedly be Bitcoin casino Canada sites that also make other cryptocurrencies. These fall under the same category according to us. The first type is thus 100% focused on cryptocurrencies and does not accept any other means of payment. One could call them real Bitcoin casino Canada sites. The advantage of these is that you can be completely anonymous. It is not a transaction that is made between you and your bank but you deposit Bitcoins directly through your wallet. This way you can play Bitcoin casino without any transaction costs or tracks. The second type is hybrid bitcoin casinos Canada,

Hybrid casinos

We call casinos where you can deposit money with bitcoin, but you can also deposit payment via credit card, Neteller or PayPal at the hybrids. The difference here is that bitcoin is offered as currency. Just like dollars, euros, pounds and other currencies, you can choose bitcoin. Also, these can be divided into those that provide deposits with a bitcoin wallet and those that you make deposits with cards, bank or Neteller. You deposit by bank card or any other form of payment to these pages, and you are no longer anonymous. Your deposit is converted to bitcoin and you play with bitcoin but withdraw money is exchanged these back. Unless you deposit a bitcoin wallet of course. So do you want to play Bitcoin casino anonymously it comes to being vigilant on these things?

What different Bitcoin casinos are there?

There are many different bitcoin casinos to play at. As we already mentioned, you can play on a bitcoin casino that offers only BTC or cryptocurrencies. Then you can also choose to play on a page that we call a hybrid. On this, you can instead play with bitcoin on but also with regular currencies. You can find the different bitcoin casinos on our list at the top of our site. There you can even compare the various pages and see which one suits you best. Another option is that you visit the leading bitcoin casino Canada in the world. This means that you can make deposits directly with your bitcoins. No exchange shall be required on these pages. Try and create an account and play at some different bitcoin casinos so you can better get an overview which of these is best to play at.

With lower costs, a bitcoin casino can have greater dividends of its turnover. This means that we Customers can make more use of the profits! A sweet deal for everyone without the credit card companies! From being something out on the periphery, the number of bitcoin casinos Canada has increased steadily. Similarly, the range of games increases. Even game developers like Microgaming, Playtech, and NetEnt have found among the Bitcoin casino Canada games. Why not play at a casino that has better odds, lower fees and where it is free to both withdraw and deposit money?

Among the casino games, of course, we find the usual range of games. What would be a casino without slot machines? At a regular casino, the payout rate is around 95% on a slot machine. If you play bitcoin casino slots, the refund rate is often as high as 99%. Try to find a slot machine at any other casino that can offer such a high-profit sharing. If you choose one of the famous bitcoin casino Canada, then there are some 100 slots to choose from. Several classic slot machines have been launched with bitcoin, and among the games, there are both regular jackpot games and games with progressive jackpots.

Bitcoin casino Canada card games

For the card game lovers, there are blackjack tables, both virtual and in live casino form. Playing bitcoin Live casino means you get a real dealer to the table. You play with real cards and follow the whole game via a video link. Everything, of course, takes place live. If you live in cold Canada, but still want to get a glimpse of the hot air in Las Vegas, then live casino via bitcoin is the optimal solution. Did you know that the card game blackjack is the most significant single casino game and turned single of the total turnover of all gaming machines? Via live casino, you can also play roulette and sometimes baccarat on a Bitcoin casino Canada. Roulette is along with blackjack and the slot machines at the core of a casino. Perhaps roulette is even "the casino game" because the roulette wheel is generally only available at the casino, while slots can be placed a little everywhere, not to mention how easy it is to play blackjack at home.

Bitcoin casino Canada credibility

To increase the fairness of bitcoin casino Canada, one has created something called "Provably fair casino gambling." This means that by stating the game ID code in an instant, you can verify that you got the right odds. How these techniques works is a bit difficult to explain in a few lines. In simple terms, it's all about the fact that all transactions with bitcoin are stored in so-called ”blocks.” By analyzing these blocks of information, it creates a 100% basis for calculating whether one received a fair deal or not. If you've felt fooled at some point by a casino, that it feels like the odds aren't at all what the casino pays them to be then you should start playing with bitcoin instead. Who has not sat at a poker table and felt that the game must be rigged? With bitcoin poker, you could quickly check this out afterward. The analysis takes place directly and here lies bitcoin's security light years ahead of traditional casinos where it can take both days and weeks before you get a result. Within bitcoin casino Canada you can study individual hands as well as single games, something that is almost impossible at a regular casino.