Slot Machines Canada - Guide

When we compare the best Canadian online casinos, we look at several different things that matter to the overall experience. In order for you to find the best slots and Canadians casinos that will become your next favorite, you should keep track of which of the aspects that are most important to you. If you only play slots, it is irrelevant if the casino in question also allows you to engage in sports betting and poker. However, if you are looking for as much variety as possible, it is a big plus with casinos online that also have sports betting and other casino games. Some sports are just a must to bet on, and sportsbetting is a real thrill to enjoy. But we are not here to talk about that. Let’s begin our journey in to the land of slot machines.

Mike Donovan
9/3 2018
3/26 2019

Slots online and why we love to play them

When we talk about Canadian casinos online, we mean casinos with many Canadian customers and casinos who have adapted their services to us. The fact that there are means of payment suitable for Canadians is an important matter. If you have already made it clear which your favorite games are, you should, of course, make sure that those particular slot machines are available at a casino before you register a new account. Overall, you will find thousands of slots online but sometimes it is difficult to find all your favorites gathered in a single place. A good way to get a grip on a casino's range is to check which software developers they cooperate with. Did you know that one of the world's most successful companies when it comes to casino games are Swedish? We are of course talking about NetEnt, which has their headquarters in Stockholm. Several of the most interesting slot providers in the industry are Swedish companies. There must be something about us northerners and the cold air that makes us especially great. Swedes and Canadians are known for getting along great with each other.

Choose from a plethora of slots online

There are a plethora of different variations of slots online. The most basic variation is found in the game structure, where the number of playable wheels differs between slot machines. Another difference is the use of various features such as symbols and bonus rounds. Different machines differ in complexity, but whether you prefer a simpler, straight forward game or one that can offer more surprises, there is something suitable for everyone. Another important aspect that distinguishes different slots is what theme they use. You will encounter all kinds of themes, from horror themes and action themes to jungle adventures, and other things. The width of themes is big, which helps making gambling fresh and fun.

Play Slots for free

Most slot machines are always available in a free demo version, where you can try the game without betting any money. This is an appreciated service that most online casinos provide. The demo versions give you a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with the game's rules and features before you start playing with real money. Of course, you can't win any money in the demo versions, which can feel frustrating when landing a really nice symbol combination. It is important to emphasize that demo versions basically always work just like the real game, so you don't have to worry that they give an unreasonable picture of what winnings you can collect. Be on the look out for the launch of wishmaker casino. There you can for certain play slots for free.

Game rules for slot machines

Although the first impression of a new slot machine can be overwhelming and intense, one quickly learns that gambling on slot machines overall is quite simple. The reason is that all slots are based on the same principle, namely that it is a matter of lining up symbols of a winning combination. To facilitate understanding, especially for new players at online casinos, we have therefore swung together a guide that addresses the main elements you will encounter.

Below we describe the collection of buttons available in of most slot machines. It does not look the same on all slots, but some of these features are available on the absolute majority of slot machines:

Coin value: select the value for each coin.

Paylines: choose how many pay lines you want to bet on. 

Bet level: choose how many coins you wish to bet on each active pay line.

Max bet: activates bets for a maximum possible bet with a single click.

Paytable: Overview of winning symbol combinations, special symbols and extras. 

Autospin: choose to spin on autopilot a specified number of times.

How to bet

To win money, as a rule, you need to bet money. This is the first step that is implemented when you start the game. Most slot machines offer a variety of opportunities based on three factors defined above, namely coin value, pay lines and bet level. The ability to regulate these three variables varies from game to game, but as a rule, you have very good opportunities to adapt the bet to your wallet and mood. Keep in mind that the more you bet, the bigger winnings you can collect. But of course, you lose money faster if you play with big bets, so be sure to find a balance that suits you. Some prefer to play for low stakes at many pay lines, while others would rather spend larger amounts on a few lines.

Now it’s time to reel in that win

After you have adjusted your bet, simply start the game by clicking the Spin button. Then the wheels start to spin to hopefully stay on a winning combination of symbols. As mentioned above, the winning combinations can be seen in the paytable of the slot machine. Your activated pay-lines are automatically checked by the slot machine, so you don't have to know what the symbols mean, but it can give your gambling experience more excitement to be a little bit familiar what the symbols mean. In many slot machines, there are some symbols of special importance and that you should be extra attentive to. Learn about them a little bit further down. 


This is a symbol that substitutes for other symbols to complement winning lines. In other words, the wild symbol can be seen as the joker of the slot machine. This means that a wild can help complete a pay-line that would not otherwise have been a winning one. In short, the wild symbol increases the likelihood of winnings. The Wild symbols appearance and characteristics vary from game to game, so please read through the current slot machine's payout table for more details.


These symbols can place them selfs anywhere on the slot wheel and still make a profit. The more symbols that are visible at the same time, the bigger win. As a rule, the scatter symbol is also tied to a feature where three or more symbols trigger a game of free spins. How this scatter looks and works looks different among different games, and you'll find more information about them in the slot machine's pay table.

Free Spins in slots

In most video slots, three or more scatter symbols trigger a game of free spins. The number of such spins you get varies between games, and often also depends on whether you get 3, 4 or 5 scatter symbols on the screen. Wins during these free spins often get bigger than regular wins thanks to a multiplier that is activated when the free spins are triggered.

Bonus symbols

These are symbols associated with a bonus game the slot machine you are betting in. A certain number of these symbols trigger a bonus game, which is often an entertaining opportunity to take home great winnings. Read more about this in your slot machine’s pay table. Not every slot machine has a bonus game.

Bonus games

This is an extra game which is triggered if you get three or more bonus symbols. The bonus game often takes place on a separate playing field where you get some kind of task you are going to solve. You rarely go without a win from a bonus game, and if your luck is with you, you can win really big.

History of the slot machine

The first slot machine is considered to have been manufactured as early as 1887 by an American named Charles Fey. The goal was originally to create an automized poker-based card game, but this proved impossible in practice due to the limitations of technology in that era. Instead, he developed a slot machine with three wheels and five different symbols that could in different ways be combined into wins. One of the symbols was Liberty Bell, which also became the name of the game.

A few years later, in 1891, two men named Sittman and Pitt created a slot machine that resembles those we have today. This slot machine was based on poker and contained 50 "cards" and five wheels. The game made great success at bars in New York, where the profits consisted of drinks in the bar and the like. No real payment system existed, so it was up to the owner to decide on the payments.

And then the competitors came

The second Machine Charles Fey developed was named Operator Bell. This was the first of its kind to contain the now so classic and familiar fruit symbols. Now, however, more people had got their eyes on the potential of the slot machine. Bell-fruit Gum Company became the first company to mass produce machines. Over time, the slot machines were modified into fitting in small shops where prices consisted of various items such as chewing gums and sweets instead of money. However, everything was all fun and games, and with the strict laws of the time against gambling in the United States, slot machines would encounter their first obstacle on the way to success. But now resistance starts to build up and the slot machine faced great resistance from many organizations and individuals who opposed gambling in all forms. Many states banned the slot machines and thus temporarily prevented further development. The adversity was at its greatest in the 1930s when the politicians gave extra resistance for those who wanted to play for money. Among other things, many politicians made a big deal out of being photographed at demolitions of slots to win sympathy among voters. However, the type of game that was primarily destroyed were the so-called kiosk-machines that were still not a major cashier. More profitable slot machines continued to thrive under the law's radar.

Las Vegas became a haven for slot machines

The notorious gangster gangster Bugsy Siegel built a casino called Flamingo Hilton that was located where the Las Vegas Strip is located today. On all empty surfaces around the casino, he placed out different types of slots. These machines were originally devoted to women whose wealthy men played at the various table games. This proved to be a strategic decision that was much more successful than initially expected. In the 1960s, more and more mechanical machines were replaced with electronic variants. This contributed to a sharp development because the machines now became more reliable. With increased reliability and guarantee of fair play. The interest in slot machines increased even more after this.

Introduction of the Microchip - A new era begins

In the 1970s, simple microchips became cheaper and more accessible. More and more casinos took advantage of the development and implemented these chips in their slots. They allowed the construction of randomized number generators (R GLYC) that assured that the machines worked in a fair and good way. The Microchip meant that you did not require a lever to spin the wheels. All it took was a button on the front of the machine. Since then, development has continued, and today there is, as known, a huge variety of slots, even on the internet. The games are thriving in the new environment that online casinos offer, and they host advanced features and have been flooding the market in recent years. Slots are today more popular than ever and have undeniably a bright future ahead of them.

While you are here, don’t forget to read our slot reviews that will turn up here shortly. Til then, let us all win every spin we can.