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The Blackjack card game, also known as twenty-one, is one of the world's most popular card games. It has become known to the public through both television and film, not least because of popular Hollywood films such as Rain Man (where Dustin Hoffman's character had to show off his skills in counting cards) and the television series Gambit. It's relatively easy to get started and play online Blackjack Canada, but as usual, when it comes to card games, it still takes some time before you get to know all the terms and rules. As a beginner, therefore, one does not quite get the game the very first few times. Therefore, we also have a guide on how to play blackjack! 

Mike Donovan
9/11 2018
3/26 2019

What is Blackjack?

One can call Blackjack a comparative card game, which means that the player competes against the card giver but not against other players. It is played with six or eight decks of cards at a casino, each containing 52 cards. The game is about winning over the card dealer in different ways. Either players can get 21 on their first two cards, get a higher score than the card dealer without getting over 21, or have the card dealer draw cards until their hand exceeds 21. Either way, players get awarded two cards and add together the value of the two cards. Kings, ladies, and jacks count as ten points each, while an ace can count as either 1 or 11. All other cards are counted according to the numbers that are on the cards. 

A game round is won when either the player or the card dealer has reached 21 points, or by having a maximum score of less than 21. If you get over 21 points, this is counted as a loss and this is called "thick" or "bust". If the player holds an ace worth 11, They say that he has a" soft " hand. This means that the player can not get fat by taking one more card since the value 11 plus the value of another card will always be less or equal to 21. Otherwise, the hand is called "hard" in contrast to the soft hand. 

The card dealer must ensure that the dealer in the game continues until a total score of 17 or more is reached. The player wins by not getting fat as well by having a higher total score than the card dealer. The card dealer loses by getting thick or by having a worse hand than the player who has become thick. In the event that the player and the card dealer have the same total points, this is called "push", which means that the player usually does not win or lose any money on that hand. If all participating players get fat, the hand ends automatically without the card dealer having to play their hand.

History of the game in short

The predecessor of Blackjack was called twenty-one, which was a game of unknown origin. The game was first mentioned in the novel Don Quixote by the Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes. When the game was later introduced in the United States, then still named twenty-one, offered various gaming houses and casinos bonus payments to stimulate players ' interest. One of these bonuses came to be called just Blackjack and the game soon went from being called 21 to just being called Blackjack.

Playing online Blackjack at a Canadian casino

At an online Blackjack table at a Canadian casino, the card giver stands behind a crescent-shaped table, where between 6 and 8 decks (sometimes more decks) of each 52 cards are mixed with each other. Each table, or ”playing field” if you like, has five to seven seats. Up to three players can place their bets at the same place when playing. The card transducer then hands out cards from (seen from the card transducer) left to right; from first base to third base.

The Aim of the Game and Rules

The player's aim of the game is to win money by reaching a total score higher than the card dealer's, but at the same time not exceeding 21, alternatively by allowing the card dealer to take additional cards until he becomes thick. In addition, the player must also decide to either take another card (hit), stand, double their bet by taking a single card and then finish, split (split two cards that have the same value so that there will be two hands or give up (surrender) and thus receive the one half of the stake, and sacrifice the other half. 


If the card dealer turns his first card and it’s an ace, the player has the option to" insure " his hand before the bet is made. This means that, if you as a player take the insurance, you win if the card dealer gets Black Jack but loses if he does not get Black Jack. It is said that insurance, in the long run, is not so favorable for the player, as he usually loses more often than wins on it. This is due to the fact that the card dealer on average is unlikely to receive Blackjack more than a maximum of a third of all rounds. 

Card Counting in Blackjack

Something that is important to know when visiting an online casino to indulge in online Blackjack or similar card games, is that card counting is often not allowed in the long run. Although this is not illegal, it is not certain that a particular casino appreciates this way of playing. If it is found that you count cards, this can lead to the fact that you are no longer welcome as a customer or visitor. But when you play online and on a live casino, it’s much harder for the casino to find out that you are counting cards. But if you are an expert at this, playing at several casinos with multiple accounts can really boost your bankroll. 

The American mathematician Dr. Edward O. Thorp was the first to prove that it is possible to win over a casino with the help of counting cards. In the book Beat the dealer, first released in 1962, Dr. Edward O. Thorp describes how to count cards to ”beat the dealer”. Another man who earned a fortune on counting cards was Kenneth Senzo Usui. He was also called Ken Uston and was known as one of the world's absolute best blackjack players as well as one of the worlds best card counters. Ken studied Economics at Yale University and later worked at the stock exchange in New York before getting tired of the business world. Looking for new ways to support himself, he became fascinated by the game of Blackjack during a casino visit. He then decided to become the best of the best. Ken Uston made it big the seventies and the eighties, he did indeed become the best of the best. But not everything went ol’ Ken’s way. Tragically, his marriage crashed and the relationship with his three children took went down the drain. Despite Ken Uston's tragic personal life, he is still being worshipped by blackjack lovers today. Several of his books written about Blackjack has become unofficial Bibles of gambling.

House edge - Does the house always win in the end?

An important thing to remember as a player is that the house advantage can be different depending on the type of Blackjack you have decided to play, and also where you are playing. You as a player should have the habit of always checking the rules of the table before the game begins.

House Edge

Let’s go through some examples of the house advantage in a few different versions of the game. These values are not entirely static and may vary, among other things, on which casino you choose to play. It might be worth looking a little extra for a new casino that offers the player a really good advantage over the house. In the Atlantic City Blackjack variant, the house's advantage is often 0.35 %, while in Bonus Blackjack it is often 0.39%. In Spanish Blackjack as well as in Vegas Downtown Blackjack, the usual advantage for the house is 0.38%. While in ”Vegas Strip Blackjack” it’s 0.34 %.

As you can see, the odds do not differ that much. The house always has an edge. So, if you are purely playing by chance - The house will win in. If the hypothetical game would go on forever that is.

Online Blackjack come in different varieties

There are different variants of Blackjack, or ”twenty-one”, around the world. The vast majority of these variants have not been applied by some casinos, which usually make use of the traditional and international versions of the games offered. There are, for example, Spanish 21, where a skilled player of Blackjack knows of concepts such as" doubling "and"giving up". However, here there are also payout bonuses for five or more cards. 

21-Century Blackjack

21-Century Blackjack is often found in California. What distinguishes this particular variant from the traditional one is that the player does not automatically lose if he becomes fat. Here the player can still make a push if the card dealer would also become thick, but the card dealer must then usually have become thick based on a higher total score. 

Other forms of Blackjack

There are also variants such as Double Exposure Blackjack, Double Attack Blackjack, and Blackjack Switch, which all involves some peculiarities that distinguish them from the traditional version. In many countries, local variants of Blackjack have been developed, in which the rules have changed over the course of time. No matter the version on the game, Blackjack will always be one of the most popular games around, and it most probably always will be.

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