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At Best-Casino we make sure that our visitors find all the info they need when it comes to casino games online. We have also listed the casinos that offer the most casino game providers. On this page, you will find all the information about various casino games and its variations, tips, and tricks, as well as guides to casino games with the best winning chances. We also go into relevant concepts that have to do with casino games and help you avoid pitfalls that new casino players often slip into.

Mike Donovan
9/3 2018
3/26 2019

When you talk about online casino games, Slot machines is king. There are lots of different names for these kinds of casino games. Among them, you’ll find names like slot machines, coin machines, video slots and vr-slots. Yes, the list is long. Slots are games solely based on luck, where it comes to finding matching symbols (often in a line) that give you different big wins depending on how rare the symbols are. Did you know that the first slot machine was created back in the 19th century? Of course, it looked a little different from what our favorites do today. Regardless, it is proof that casino games have been popular for over 100 years and that is nothing to sweep under the rug.

Live Casino

Live casino is probably the fastest growing segment in online casino games today. Live Casino is a concept based on playing table games such as Roulette, Blackjack or Baccarat with a real dealer in a real casino. Instead of being dressed up and present at a brick and mortar casino, there's a camera pointed at your croupier and the game instead. The croupiers then communicate with the camera just as if you were actually there. All decisions, bets, and spins take place in real time. Live Casino is the ultimate way to experience the feeling of a “real” casino, no matter where you are – at home on the couch or maybe even on the bus!

Video Poker

Video Poker is a real classic when you talk about casino games, which everyone who has gone on the on a ferry at some point in time probably knows or maybe even has tested. Video Poker is based on the classic five-card poker card game, where you need to get as good a five-card poker hand as possible. You are first dealt five cards and then have the chance to replace the ones you do not want to keep. You will then receive a payout based on how good your poker hand is. The absolute best thing about this is that you get the chance to double your winnings with fair odds. In 99% of cases, it is possible to guess whether the card is black or red. In some machines, you can even quadruple the prize by choosing between diamonds, spades, clubs or hearts.

There are different types of Video Poker, where Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better are the most popular. In Deuces Wild, all Deuces are 'Wild', meaning they can be paired with other cards anyway. In Deuces Wild Video Poker you need to get at least a two-pair to qualify for a win.

Jacks or Better is an elusive favorite in Video Poker and the most "simple" form of the game. The difference here is that the ”two’s” do not count as 'Wilds', and require at least one pair of jacks to qualify for a win.

What we like most with Video Poker is that you have the chance to double your winnings after the game round. Doubling works in different ways based on which game provider it comes from, and on some video poker machines you can, for instance, quadruple your profit. Sometimes it's a question of choosing whether the next card is red or black, and other scenarios mean that you should draw a higher card than the” dealer " to double your win. A double down in Video Poker is important, as the odds you have there are always "fair". So you have a 50 % chance to draw black or red and get exactly twice as much in profit if you are right. A better Return to player is hard to find.


Craps is a rich dice game that is incredibly popular in Canada and the United States. In Craps, you throw two dices, where you bet on the outcome of the dice roll before. There are special bets such as the classic "seven". When you roll two dices, the most common outcome is 7. This is because there are most combinations between the two dices that give you the number 7. No matter what you turn on the first dice, the second dice can always give the total result of 7. So it's a low-value bet to bet on 7.


Baccarat is a casino game played at casinos worldwide. It's an incredibly popular card game, but like Craps, Baccarat has had difficulties getting into Canadian’s hearts. Unlike Craps, this game is the most popular in Asia.

Baccarat is available in several different versions, where the three most popular are Baccarat Banque, Baccarat Chemin de Fer, and finally the most popular version Punto Banco. Asian businessmen are seen playing Punto Banco for millions in much of Asia where gambling is legal. One reason why the game so popular is that the house's advantage is less than it is in many other games.

Roulette - The most famous game of them all

Roulette is a game that most people know about. Roulette is a table game where a spinning ball eventually stops and lands in one of 37 different ”boxes”. Before the ball spins away, you should predict different scenarios at different odds. You can, for example, bet on black or red, even or uneven numbers, or that the ball should fall down in the boxes 1-12. Each scenario has different probabilities, and that is also how the payouts in the game work. The higher the odds, the more you win.

Roulette is an incredibly popular game even at home at Canadian casinos, and it is along with Blackjack the most popular game in Live casinos online.

Blackjack - The king of card games

An incredibly exciting casino game where your skills are important. Do not misunderstand, you need to have a lot of luck when playing Blackjack, but this game is different from many others. You can influence the outcome of the hands with wise decisions and Mathematics. If you are a good card counter then the house advantage is very low, and together with bonuses you have the opportunity to “beat the house”.

Let’s easily explain how the game works: draw cards and get as close to the total value of 21. Besides that, your hand needs to beat the dealer, which is your opponent. If you get 21, you get Blackjack.

Game providers - how it works

In the online casino world, there are thousands of casino games. A common, erroneous assumption is that these slots are created by the casino that offers them. If that were that case, this casino could also be able to tinker with the refund and be able to “rig” the machines. This is a clean and cutting myth that bad mouth casino games online.

Casino games are actually developed by game providers, who then “sell” their games to different casinos. The casino itself then has no possibility to influence the outcome of the game rounds in any way.

Famous game providers - The Swedes know their stuff

In Canadian Casinos, NetEnt is one of the most common and popular providers. NetEnt is a Swedish listed company that was founded in 1996. Since the beginning of Netent's success, several competitors have seen the light of day. Many of these have also become incredibly popular among us Canadians. Other game providers are Yggdrasil, Play'n GO, QuickSpin and Thunderkick. All of these have offices in Stockholm and they provide the vast majority of online casinos with their casino games.

In Canada, we do not unexpectedly have a tendency to like what is Canadian. But what that is most true, is that in the casino jungle, Swedish game providers basically run the show. But maybe we Canadians love Swedish Game developers since we both hail from the north? But truth be told games from Swedish developers often have a higher standard and often a higher payout percentage. However, there are many other good game providers who are at least as safe and keep an equally good payout percentage as the Swedish ones.

Examples of other superb game providers we can recommend are Microgaming, which is one of the absolute largest providers in the world. We also recommend smaller providers such as NYX, WMS,, and BetSoft, who deliver world-class casino games. You can read more about game providers on our page dedicated to them.

We love casinos with a great game library

For many of us gaming fans, it is no longer enough that a casino only offers games from one or two providers. We Canadians like to test new casino games and, sometimes, the urge to play a particular slot is stronger than it is for others. It is also not unusual that casino players are superstitious and get the feeling that a big win, will become reality in the game you want to play. At Best-Casino you will find a list of the casinos that have the best range of casino games, in terms of both the number of slots and game providers. Choose one and go play!

The future for casino games

Casino games online are developing all the time, and in 2017 and 2018 we have seen an incredible development taking off. In addition to the fact that Live Casino games have shown the way, VR (Virtual Reality) has also become big in the casino world. Some casinos have already developed a VR-world where you as a player can walk around and play on what looks like “real” machines. The VR concept is only in the starting pits and it will really see how it will develop in the coming years. 

What we can be certain of is that our beloved casino games will become better and better. Graphics and design become more and more important and we players are actually getting a bit spoiled. But, we should be because we do not always win. So, we should at least be entertained when betting our hard earned money online. 

If you are on the prowl for a new casino, please don't hesitate to read one or more of our casino reviews. There you will find all the information you need for your next adventure online.