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Free spins Canada may sound like a hoax to those who aren't familiar with how the best online casino gaming works. But for those in the know, free spins Canada are a true delight. This is because they are a type of promotion offered by online casinos. They can come in many forms depending on the online establishment you choose to play at. They may be presented on their own as a no deposit offer for newly registering clients on the site. They may also come in addition to new sign up deposit bonuses. They can also be part of frequent promotional campaigns being run by online casinos. Whatever the case, they're free rounds at slot games on a site!

Mike Donovan
7/26 2018
3/26 2019

Free Spins For Dummies

Online casinos are a step up from their land-based counterparts. This is due to the fact that they offer their players bonuses such as real money free spins Canada. These offers are very easy to come by in online establishments. That's because this is how these casinos choose to market themselves to potential clients. If you're on the internet searching for an online casino that accepts Canadian players, all the results you get will include promotional offers at those establishments. Real money free spins Canada can be awarded as either deposit or no deposit promotions. Free spins also give newbie players a chance to try out the most frequently played slot games on a new casino site.

It's, however, important to note that not all free spins are entirely free. Different casinos set out different terms so that they do not incur losses for choosing to give out bonuses, same as their fellow competitor sites. These terms are referred to as wagering requirements. They determine important facts such as what qualifies players for the advertised bonus. Apart from that, information on the validity period of the bonus as well as the games it can be used on will be included therein. That's not all. Wagering requirements also stipulate what the player needs to do in order to turn their bonus winnings into real cash. This is an extremely important part of the terms. If you're not careful, you may have to forfeit your free spins Canada bonus if you're unable to complete the stipulated terms correctly.

Test New Casinos And Games Free

Online casino Canada promotions are simply the best. They boost your bankroll significantly, which in turn allows you to play more. These offers come in two forms. They can either be deposit bonus offers or no deposit bonuses. The majority of iGamers out there tend to look for the no deposit type of online offers. This is because such bonuses are awarded to players for simple tasks on the casino site. One such task is successfully signing up as a new player. For new iGamers on a site, bonus offers are the perfect excuse to browse a site's offerings without spending any money. You can even test out their customer support channels. This by asking questions such as their accepted payment modes and gauging their professionalism, as well as their response time.

Claiming bonuses at a Canadian casino can also be as simple as logging into your casino account during stipulated times. This can be by either making a deposit or not. It all depends on the site you pick. You can then use that Canadian casino bonus to browse the games line up as well as the software providers they deal with. It may also allow you to try out games you've never tried before while iGaming. This, however, depends on the games that have been linked to the bonus you claimed. Some bonuses do not have games tied to them, though. This is the perfect time to try out new releases that you think may be both exciting and lucrative to play.

Win Real Casino Money

An important question to ask whenever you would like to claim a Canadian bonus is whether you can turn it into real money. More often than not, you most certainly can. After all, what would be the point of casinos boasting a bonus whose winnings simply remain as bonus credits in a player's account? As mentioned earlier, bonuses have terms associated with them. This is a measure set in place to help the online casinos minimize their losses by awarding bonuses. The successful adherence of players to these terms is what determines whether winnings from the free spins can be withdrawn. Playing with real money free spins Canada is exciting as it holds the potential to earn you incredible cash prizes for free.

Real money free spins may be valid on specific slots, depending on the terms associated with it. Free spins Canada may be awarded to players when a new slot is released at an online casino. This gives players exclusive access to try out a newly launched title. A plus to go with this exclusivity is the fact that real money can be made during gameplay. That is, of course, if Lady Luck is on your side and you manage to complete the playthrough terms as stipulated. Always ensure you're familiar with a Canadian casino's bonus terms so that you can get the most out of the offer.

Daily Free Spins For Regular Players

Most online casinos have found it beneficial to have frequent promotions for their existing clients to help with customer retention. Players are likely to leave a casino once their welcome bonus is depleted. However, they're likely to keep coming back if they still get promotional offers for staying on board. Free spins are the most common of these offers. Some online casinos go as far as offering daily free spins to those who make a point of visiting the site daily. Always look out for such offers at you're preferred Canadian casino to help bump up your bankroll!

Some Casinos Offer Hundreds Of Free Spins

Visiting renowned Canadian casino review sites like guarantees that you will get the best offers for Canadian iGamers. Sometimes, there are online establishments that will offer exclusive and outstanding bonuses through such review sites. This can even be upwards of 100 free spins, daily. More often than not, these tend to be limited offers. However, on the flip side, limited offers mean that avid iGamers can really get a bang for their hard earned cash at a Canadian casino. Players may find that they're awarded the lucrative spins on a particular day of the week. It may also be a promotion running for a week or even a month depending on what it's for.

To make sure you do not miss out on such casino bonuses, most Canadian casinos request players to sign up for their newsletters. Make sure to do so whenever you register for a new player account. You could also sign up for's newsletter to get the latest offers at different online casinos. Players who regularly check their preferred site's promotions page are also likely to get these free spins Canada just when they've been launched. This gives them ample time to read and familiarise themselves with the terms. This of importance if you want to be able to get your money at the end.

Best Free Spins Offers And Where To Look

As mentioned earlier, searching for information on online casino Canada should only be done on reputable review sites. This is because there are many sites out there looking to scam people out of their money. With every good advancement made online, there are still a few vulnerabilities. However, you can never go wrong with the recommendations on The first step to getting great free spins bonuses is to sign up at reputable sites. Check whether that particular online casino Canada is licensed by recognized regulatory bodies. From there, you should be able to check if they offer any free spins Canada promotions that you can sign up for. Once you find one, you can proceed to have a fantastic, and safe, iGaming session online!

Reviews Are King

Those who are accustomed to iGaming know of the importance of reading reviews. That's why there are nearly as many review sites as there are online casinos. For iGaming newbies, though, read on to find out why reviews are an integral part of the iGaming cycle. First and foremost, Canadian casino review sites do the due diligence for you. Most people simply want to head online and pick a casino, based on the way it looks. This is without even doing the legwork that's necessary to vet a casino. There's more to a casino than claiming their free spins. Therefore, if you do not want to do the research, turn to to find legit sites.

Apart from ensuring that an online casino is safe to play at, review sites have other purposes they serve. They're there to give both potential and seasoned iGamers information on the latest casino games released to the market. That is where some casino bonuses come from. They try to get players to test out the new games and to offer comments on them. Review sites also offer information on newly opened online casinos. This is another reason to give their readers exclusive casino bonuses. It gets players more willing to join and try the new sites out, as they do it using the bonuses offered.

Wager Requirements - Some Are Low, Some Are High

Wager requierments are synonymous with bonuses when it comes to iGaming. As earlier stated, online casinos can make serious losses if they're not careful when handing out bonuses. This is because bonuses are the equivalent of free play. That is with the added advantage that players can win some cash from their casino gaming session. For instance, free spins no wager are a type of free spins canada without wager requierments attached to them. This means that whatever you earn from the bonus you were awarded automatically gets turned into real cash.

For bonuses that come with wagering requirements, players need to fulfil those demands in order to make withdrawals. Let's say you get 50 free spins. You play with them and the winnings you accumulate are C$50. That is the number you multiply with the wagering requirement. So, if it's to be wagered 20x then you must play games worth C$1000. How much you're willing to put into your gameplay should be considered before claiming a bonus. If the wagering requirement is too steep, opt for a lower one instead. Wager requirements range from 20x up to even 50x. Read the terms beforehand to ascertain what is required of you.

Free Spins No Deposit

No deposit free spins Canada are a good offer that players can always look out for. As mentioned earlier, these offers can do a lot for you if you pick the right one. For newbies, free spins help them learn the ropes. And once depleted, you could walk away with amazing cash prizes. For iGaming pros, they allow you to try out newly released slots. Also, they allow you to play at no expense. To make things more exciting, free spins no wager offers means you receive no deposit free spins without wager requirements attached to them. Therefore, anything you make from your gameplay can be withdrawn immediately!

Part of the appeal of iGaming is the numerous bonuses out there for players. No deposit free spins are some of the most sought-after bonuses in the industry. This is because they do not require you to have any cash in your account to claim them. Browse through the list of establishments to claim a bonus today. The recommended options are guaranteed to be both legal and fair for all Canadian players looking for online casino games.

Summary Time

Free spins Canada are part of the reason Canadian casino players are flocking online. These promotions hold the potential of earning iGamers incredible winnings from bonus play. That is, of course, aside from the fun experienced with iGaming. The best part is that if you're determined, you may even find offers without wager requierments. This makes the bonus completely free to players! However, before choosing to claim a bonus, always read the terms and conditions. Ensure you are capable of successfully completing the stated requirements before signing up. This is assured to make your online casino gaming experience more worthwhile as you will know, beforehand, what is expected of you.